Don't be bitter about Valentine’s Day! Prepare for the day.

Bridget Leschinsky

31 January 2022

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Valentine’s Day can be a stressful time full of anxiety, especially if you are separated from your spouse, recently divorced or single. Don’t be bitter about Valentine’s Day! Prepare for the day. Sometimes people put big expectations on Feb 14th and think the day should be magical; full of fun, excitement, romance and love. Consequently the day can fall short of expectations and end up being a disappoint, even for people in a romantic relationship.

Don’t Be bitter About Valentine’s Day! Prepare For The Day.

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, but remember It’s just another day.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for Valentine’s Day — so you can be in the right mindset, and avoid the path of disappointment and sadness.

Reduce Your Time on Social Media. The social platforms will probably be overwhelmed with photos and stories of love. Sifting through the posts can make you feel lonely and disconnected. Be intentional about your down time and focus on doing things that will lift you up; listen to a podcast, make a gratitude list, try a new recipe, meditate, have a bonfire, call an old friend and reconnect, read a book.

Exercise. Get the endorphins going. There are many benefits to exercising. Increasing your heart rate can calm anxiety and stress, elevate your mood, boost your self esteem, help your overall confidence and increase energy. Be creative and think of something fun and different to try; take a hike/walk uphill, use stair climber/take the stairs, rock climbing, dance around the house, kayak, horseback riding, roller blade, yoga, kickboxing, get on the trampoline. Try to commit to a one-month exercise challenge and schedule the time into your calendar.

Be Kind To Others. When you do something nice for others it makes you feel good. You could do random acts of kindness for the month of February: Open doors for others, give a stranger a compliment, write a note/email to someone you appreciate, pay for someone else’s coffee (pay it forward), create a care package for a homeless person, donate blood, overtip a service provider, clean out your closet and donate to a shelter, read to the elderly, bring flowers to a senior facility, call an old friend, make someone laugh, offer to help a friend, put a nice note on someone’s car, say good morning to a stranger, pick up garbage on the street, donate to a good cause. You will be amazed how doing things for others can lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.

On Valentine’s Day, do you want to be alone or with others?

If you want to be alone, enjoy it! Love yourself and your new identity. Mail yourself a Valentine card. Send flowers to yourself. Treat yourself to some self care, and do activities that make you happy. Enjoy your time alone to do whatever you want without compromise.

On the other hand, if you want to be with others — celebrate Valentine’s Day with your children, friends, or family. Valentine’s Day is about love and you do not need to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate the day. So spend the day with someone you care about and make it fun. Coordinate dressing in red and pink, attend a local event, get a mani/pedi, make dinner reservations, throw a party, take a cooking or painting class, go ice skating, volunteer, watch a movie together.

However you decide to spend the day — be intentional, have fun and enjoy your day! Don’t be bitter about Valentine’s Day! Prepare for the day.

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Bridget Leschinsky is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

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