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Self Care: Emotional / Physical / Mental / Spiritual

  • Discuss how to manage anxiety and stress. 
  • Be mentally and emotionally prepared for the business of divorce
  • Shift your perspective to have a healthier mindset
  • Prioritize self-care in a time of chaos
  • Discover future goals
  • Develop a support team


  • Understand the cycle of divorce
  • Discuss what divorce means for your family
  • Find clarity around divorce options 
  • Discuss general terms the types of custody arrangements
  • Cultivate an identity outside of marriage
  • Discuss financial considerations
  • Manage expectations
contemplating divorce coaching
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  • Remain constructive and focused – being irrational is being irrelevant
  • Build a professional divorce team, if needed
  • Best practices for communicating with your spouse during (and after) divorce
  • Help with clear communication with Attorney’s, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst’s, Divorce Mortgage Specialist’s and other divorce professionals
  • Navigate conflict according to best self, values with ideal outcome in mind
  • Stay calm and focused during difficult conversations
  • Step through financial decision making as one income family


  • How to tell your children you are getting divorced
  • Appropriate parent-child boundaries to insulate children from parental conflict
  • Discuss co-parenting plan, family traditions and holidays, family culture and function
  • Set appropriate boundaries and/or co-parenting protocols 
  • Advocate for yourself and your children
  • Thinking through Parenting Decisions (residential, school, insurance, etc.)
  • Addressing parenting concerns during divorce
  • Discuss options on how to support children in their grief and processing a new normal
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  • Level the playing field with a high conflict ex
  • Find a way to happiness after divorce
  • Managing new relationships, dating and intimacy
  • Reinvention of self 
  • Communicating effectively with your ex
  • Rediscover your new best self