Divorce After The Holidays

Bridget Leschinsky

03 January 2022

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Many people put off divorcing until the start of the new year, so they don’t ruin the holidays.

However the decision to divorce is not a light decision, and is no holiday. Divorce is an emotional and legal process that can last a very long time (sometimes years). Each divorce is different and offers it’s own unique challenges. People may find themselves in uncharted territory and the process can feel overwhelming.

Divorce After The Holidays

This is a time to pause, make a plan and take steps to move forward as your best self. If your desire is to go through the process while staying true to your values and remaining child focused it is a good idea to have an accountability partner. Someone who can walk alongside of you during the process to ensure you stay the course, despite what is presented to you.

Divorce is a highly stressful and life changing event. Some common feelings surrounding divorce are anger, resentment, confusion, fear, shame, anxiety during and after divorce. The stress and emotions during divorce can cloud one’s judgement and ability to make clear decisions.

Unfortunately people who have been divorced often look back on the process with some regret due to the extreme attorney fees, unnecessary fighting, losing sight of the child and their best interest, making clouded decisions during the process, etc.  There is a better way!

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with the difficulty of starting the divorce process in the new year…I’m here to help!

A certified divorce coach is an unbiased professional who can discuss the options of how to divorce, help determine the best process for each individual, provide professional referrals for your team, create a plan, step through the process of how to organize for the business of divorce while being an emotional support person during the difficult process as well as an accountability partner to help move forward.

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Bridget Leschinsky is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

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